DataElement (Date) choose future dates

Hi, well I’m developing a program to collect patient visits to the hospital, in which i want to set the future date, for example: the next month in which the patient will visit the hospital, but the DataElement with value Type: Date, does not allow me to do this.

Is there anyone who has succeeded to do this?

Hi @Denilson

Yes, assuming this is a tracker program you can fix this by the following steps:

  1. Go to maintenance and select program.

  2. Open your program, and jump to the program stage section. Open the stage where you have a data element with value type: Date.

  3. Jump to the section you will assign data elements, and find the particular dataelement in the list below the window where you assign. You will find an opportunity to allow future dates.

If this is a event program - Just jump to the section: Assign data elements in maintenance, and you will find the same in the list and allow future dates.

Best regards



Hi @Caroline Thank you for your availability and support, Thank you so much now it’s fine