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Dear community greetings,

I would like to make a training database inside DHIS2, which take text data as well as numeric, and generate the report with same text and numerical values, please guide and help me in this regards.

Jan Agha Stanikzai

@janagha could you elaborate your question please? It’s possible to create an instance of DHIS2 specifically for training i.e. a test instance, but I don’t understand how you want to create a database inside DHIS2?

Do you mean an additional database other than the DB dhis2 instance is already using? You can use apps to generate reports, would you explain what the training is for and the use case? Thank you!

Dear Gassim,
Thank you so much for your prompt attention, we have a DHIS2 instance running where we want to create a db inside existing DHIS2 for mental health training sessions data to enter individually and get back report as well, the attributes we need are i.e:

Student Name
Training Name
Training Phase (suppose 1, 2, 3)
Graduated psychosocial counselor (Marks)
Faculties attended training session (Marks)
Students completed the required teaching hours (hours)
% of obtained marks

I hope you get them what we want

Jan Agha Stanikzai

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Dear community please give consideration to the posts we need your assistance in this regards any suggestion,


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Hello @janagha, have you given the modelling a try? Did you get stuck somewhere? I think it would be useful for you to try a couple of ways of doing it. What is meant by Marks? Is it just a letter or number, e.g. B+ or 78/100? “Faculties” means a list of teachers? Do they also get marks? Are the last two items in your list outputs (reports)?

A general remark is that the Event model is preferable if the data you need to collect about each person is relatively simple, and basically consists of a fixed list of data items (even if not all are entered at the same time). So I think I would start modelling this as an event, even it it would mean some slight compromises in relation to how the training is conducted. Keeping the model simple can really pay off. However, it may also be that through after having tried this, you end up concluding that some essential feature requires the use of the full Tracker model with a series of Program Stages. If that applies to just a small fraction of all your students, then you could perhaps have the event model as default and some extra data recorded in a complementary Tracker program for those students.

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Thank you so much Knut for your assistance, actually i have tried many ways, event program is better and sample for this kind of situation where event can handle individual events without registration that’s why we could not get proper report as we want, tracker program handles multiple events with registration and can get report structure (without data) as we want if we disable program stages but disable of program stages is recommended?

i tried all these methods in demo database and need experts opinion to create perfect and exact database accordingly.

  1. Student Name (text datatype)

  2. Training Name (text datatype)

  3. Training Phase (suppose 1, 2, 3) (text datatype)

  4. Gender (m/f datatype)

  5. Address (text datatype)

  6. Graduated psychosocial counselor (Marks) (numbers datatype)

  7. Faculties attended training session (Marks) (numbers datatype) faculties mean the students who successfully trained in 1st or 2nd training phases now in 2nd or 3rd phase

  8. Students completed the required teaching hours (hours) (numbers datatype) this means just to touch the target hours.

  9. % of obtained marks (percentage datatype) suppose to get “Graduated psychosocial counselor” “Faculties attended training session” obtained marks percentage

Jan Agha Stanikzai

So if I understand correctly, you were not able to create the reports without registration, but you are able to do so if you use Tracker with just enrollment and no program stages. Or just one stage?

If things are now working well with Tracker, do you still have a problem?

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Dear Knut Staring millions thanks for your assistance, i did all these practices in demo DHIS2 not in our real instance, i wanted to collect enough information and the righteous path for creation db with this kind of needs and DHIS2 experts opinions because i am not a DHIS2 experts that’s why i was not sure which will be the right way to configure, i start configure tracker program accordingly and let see how much it fulfills our reporting needs.

Jan Agha Stanikzai

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Thank you @janagha and @Knut_Staring for this great discussion which hopefully will be for the benefit of the community as a whole too!

Would you @janagha mark is as solved? Thank you! (: