Data Visualizer shows less data after upgrade

Hi all.

Today we have upgraded our DHIS 2 from 2.34.5 to 2.36.4 and we are facing a problem when we visualize data in data visualizer. Before upgrade, we could visualize all the data, but after upgrade we do not see all the data. We are viewing data of a data set that has an attribute option combo.attached to it.
After selecting all options from the attribute combo in the data visualizer as a dimension, we just see data of some options while we used to view the data of all options Is there anything wrong.

An entity is hosting our instance


Hi @fernando,
I hope that you’ll find a way to resolve this! I would like to ask you if you could find any error(s) in the Network tab after selecting the options from the attribute combo.

Helpful steps

  1. Open the data visualizer app and the favorite you are interested in
  2. Use your browser’s developers tools and select the Network tab
  3. Select the options that you are not able to view
  4. see the log:

It might be helpful (required) to check the catalina log (without sharing sensitive info), but let’s first check the Network log.

Thank you! (: