Data visualizer: doubt on recommended dimensions


I tried to get information about how the “recommended dimensions” feature work in Data Visualizer App but I could not find anything in the documentation.

According to some preliminary tests and focusing on the data element part (not OU):

Note: examples are given according to names in DHIS 2

  • It works for dimensions that are categories: DEs whose category combo (core or overwritten in a dataset) contain those categories get the recommendation. E.g. Gender in Accute Flaccid Paralysis (Deaths < 5 yrs) and Morbidity cases in Anaemia new. Also, for DEs that are in a dataset in which a category combo is defined as attribute (e.g. Project in DE ART defaulter)
  • It does not work for dimensions that are category option group sets, but whose category options are in the end part of different category option combos (e.g. Donors in DE ART defaulter)
  • Indicators do not get recommended dimensions, only DEs (e.g. indicator ANC 1 Coverage uses DE ANC 1st visit in its calculation but it does not get the dimension Location Fixed/Outreach recommended, which is recommended if the DE is used)
  • If different DEs are included, you get the recommended dimensions taking into consideration each DE individually (not the common of all the DEs selected)

Are the points above well describing how it works? Otherwise, can you help me understanding how recommended dimensions are given?

Thanks in advance,