data visualiser errors


Please may you assist concerning the following error

  1. I went to data visualiser. On data elements I selected HTC. in then selected new HIV tests. From there I selected age groups <2months, 2 - 12 months, 13 - 24 months, 25 - 59 months, 5 - 9 years, 10- 14 years and 15 - 19 years. Then I selected my org units. It gives me the right results but when I want to download to excel so I can work with the file it does not give me the age group 5 - 9 years. Instead it gives me age groups that I did not select like 20 - 24 years, 25 49 years and 50 years and above.

Thank you for the solutions you provided on tracker mainly on offline mode. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Lawrence Chirowodza


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