Data visualisation


I need a wordpress plugin to view my data on my website.
I’m using DHIS2 2.40 version


You can create a public dashboard and just embed them in your web site. or you can simply embed the visuals too.

Hi @Makane_KANE

Welcome to the community! If you would one of the developers in the DHIS2 Community to create a WordPress plugin for you, please share the details in the Marketplace and mention if you’d like to offer a payment.

If you would like to create your own custom plugin, you will defiantly need to make use of the documentation: Introduction - DHIS2 Documentation Additionally, there are Developer Academies on YouTube that might come in helpful in your project especially the ones explaining the platform and the API.

You’re also welcome to share more about the use case. As @Daler suggested there might be other ways that are easier that creating a plugin.

Thank you!

Hello @Daler, @Gassim ,

Thanks for the suggestions,
What @Daler suggested to me is suitable.
I just have a problem integrating the dashboard into my website.

Do you have well-provided documentation?

Do you have new version of this links?

Hi @Makane_KANE

The documentation page you are referring to is probably deprecated. It is possible that there are new updates in the coming year about the features you are asking; however, if you’re to extract data from your instance into your WordPress site then you’d need to use this: Personal access tokens - DHIS2 Documentation