Data storage in DHIS2

Hi everyone,

I’d like to know which table in DHIS2 contains data. To be more specifc, where can I found all the data captured by users in data set, event and tracker program.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Lanja

here is an attempt to answer :

DataSet = datavalue , datavalueaudit

Tracker = trackedentityinstance, trackedentityattributevalue , trackedentityattributevalueaudit , programinstance, programstageinstance

Event = programstageinstance

I remind you that I only listed the main tables


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Thanks! @didate! (:
Another user once asked for the DB schema which I think you might find interesting: Database Scheme of DHIS2 Tracker - #5 by jaime.bosque

Additionally, another approach would be to check out the api resources. For example in (after logging in):

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