Data sets not appearing in Pivot Table

Newly created datasets not appearing in Pivot Table (DHIS2 2.35)

Dear All,

I created new data sets for my project. The datasets are found in the Data Entry Page with data captured in them but the data sets do not appear in the Pivot Table.
I ran analytics in Data Administration and it was successful. Cleared cache also but the datasets are not appearing.

I need guidance please

For the data to appear in the pivot table, you need to create data element groups or Indicator groups where you will add all data elements/indicators created or indicators. Once that is done, you will have your data in the pivot table.

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Congratulations on your first post in the community @Prince_Stanley! :smiley: No worries, the community is here to assist each other. I would refer someone to help you, but first I would like to ask from you to clarify a bit more. Where in the pivot table does the dataset not appear? When you are selecting the data dimension?

It’d be nice if you could add a screenshot, please. Thanks!

Many thanks Patrick for the guidance.
I can now see the datasets on the pivot table after creating the data element group.
Well appreciated

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So glad you got it figured out! Thanks @pkkonwloh79 ! (: