Data Set update error in dhis2 2.29 version

When i am updating a dataset. It is showing could not save dataset. The console log is given below.

  1. {httpStatus: “Internal Server Error”, httpStatusCode: 500, status: “ERROR”, message: “failed to lazily initialize a collection of role: …yOptions, could not initialize proxy - no Session”}

  2. httpStatus: “Internal Server Error”

  3. httpStatusCode: 500

  4. message: “failed to lazily initialize a collection of role: org.hisp.dhis.dataelement.DataElementCategoryOptionCombo.categoryOptions, could not initialize proxy - no Session”

  5. status: “ERROR”
    I have updated the sharing too. Thanks in advance for your support.

Hi @Fatemacse,

Kindly confirm that you are logged in; your session might have timed out or expired and thus unable to save the data while offline.


Hi James,

Thanks for your reply. I am logged in. Other datasets are updating easily. only error is showing for a specific dataset.

Best Regards


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@Fatemacse I know this was a long time ago but is there any chance you remember a fix or resolution? I am having this issue on 2.32.2 instance.

Hi @chase.freeman and @Fatemacse,

This issue was recently fixed and should be included in upcoming patch releases.

See: [DHIS2-6322] - Jira

Best regards,