Data set on Android Capture App

Hi All,
I created some data sets for capturing aggregated data in DHIS2. So far everything is working perfectly.
The big challenge we’re facing is that our CHW use the Android Capture App v2.3.1 to capture data. as you can see bellow there is a big difference in the way the data set is being presented in the web app and the android app. And the sequence of the data elements are completely shuffled in the android App.
So, my questions are:
1 - Is there any way I can configure the data set in order to see in equally mode in the web App android App? Or
2 - Is there any way to organize the data elements on android as in the web app?

Your comments will much appreciated
Thank you.

Image from android app

image from web app

Hi @Evelichane .

It seems you are using a custom form in the web version. Unfortunately this is not supported (yet?) in the Android App.