Data quality App issues (Validation rule analysis)

Hello DHis2 Team

When I run the validation Rule analysis, the information in the Validation rule Column does not appear, and I am unable to download the validation rule data set results in either of the options (PDF, XLS, CSV). Where should I make changes to allow for smooth validation rule analysis?

We are using DHIS2 version 2.37.7

Hi @Shapr0019

Please to make it easier to find a solution, would you add the steps to reproduce this in any of the instances?


@Gassim I have tried the sam DHIS2 version on and is working well whilst on our DHIS2 is not displaying Validation Column . So i am not sure where things went wrong and where to adjust

Are you using this instance Please did you try to clear the cache in your browser (as well as clearing the server cache from Data Administration app → Maintenance)? After clearing the server cache, retry the same steps in your browser’s Guest mode to make sure it’s not a cache issue.

Either way I think it is recommended to update to the latest patch. Please update to 2.37.8 DHIS2 patch release 2.37.8 is now available and try again!