Data on DHIS2 capture app (android) is different from data on the server


I have a situation where the number of registered tracked entities on the DHIS2 data capture app is not the same as the data on the server. In this instance, our tracked entity is household, the server is showing 746 households and one Android device with a different user name assigned to the same org unit, then another Android device with a different username is showing 914 households and this is the same as the number of records in the paper register.

The Android device with 914 records, is showing that all data is synced, and there are no errors. And whenever we try to sync is shows that everything has synced successfully.

At first, there was that down arrow thingy on it, afterwards, it disappeared after some syncing.

Opening the sync error logs on the device shows nothing.

What could be the issue? Has anyone experienced something like this?

DHIS2 Capture Verison:
Server version: 2.37.9

Hi @iammash

When you login using the web browser to the instance using this username are you able to find the 914 households; similarly, the account when you login to the instance on the web are you still able to see 746 households? Whichever the result, what about a user with ALL authority, which is the number on the instance when accessed from the web browser?

My questions are to be able to find out the actual number on the instance, and when using the superuser to figure out which account has the issue whether the number is 914 or 746 on the instance (when checked from the web browser using an account with ALL authority) might lead us to where the issue is.


@Gassim with a superuser, when I login using the web, the number on the instance is 746. I have tried pulling the data via the API (with a superuser account) and it’s 746 still.

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Hi @iammash , just to discard any possible cache issues. If you sync with the user that has 914 records in a new Android device, do you get 914 or 746?

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@jaime.bosque I get 772 when I login to a new device with details of the user whose phone is showing 914 records. And now when I pull data from the system via the API I have 774 records, and in the visualizer it’s now showing 751.