Data not visible in event report app

Dear all,
I am facing a problem to see event data in the event report App. For me as an admin, data is visible in event reports but for other users (data analysis roles) not. They were able to see the data some time ago). I already ran analytics manually, no changes yet. Those users who cannot see data in the event report App are able to see data in the event visualizer app.
Any idea what I am overlooking?

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Hi @AnnikaWeber , welcome to the community! :tada:

Here are a couple of possible solutions:

  1. Kindly check the user role assigned to those particular users to ensure that the event report app is selected, and also that the an
  2. Confirm that you select the appropriate organisation units for the users in the “Data output and analytic organisation units” section in the Users app.
  3. Check your program sharing setting in the maintenance app if you’re using an event/tracker program.
  4. Check the network console or inspect the website using developer tools to see if there are any further issues.
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Hi e4eDHIS2, thanks so much for the welcome and your quick reply. I checked all points and all looks well, so the issue must be somwhere else. I am confused that data is visible in the data visualizer App, so it must be something with the event report. All users that are superusers can see the data in the event report. What is confusing to me is that it worked a couple of weeks ago. I added some new OUs, not sure if this causes the problems with data visibility?

Hi @AnnikaWeber

What version of dhis2 are you using? Could you check for the same data using the Line Listing app instead?

Additionally, if you added new OUs, and can already see the data in the Data Visualizer app then I doubt that the addition of the OUs is the reason; however, you might want to use the Data Administration app → Maintenance and the Analytics Tables export (and then clear the cache.)


Hi @AL-Gassim Sharaf Addin,
thanks a lot for your comment. I am using 2.39.2, I checked with the Line Listing app, same issue: Me as admin and superusers can produce data, other “normal” users cannot. Any idea what this can mean?
Under data administration - maintanance - i cannot find “analytics tables export”. Just “clear analytics tables” and " analyze analytics tables" (and others, but not “analytics table export”)


Hi @AnnikaWeber

This does require a bit more testing (info from the logs) to understand why especially if you say that you have followed all the solutions proposed by @e4eDHIS2 above.

The analytics tables export is right below the Maintenance. Sorry for not clarifying enough.

After completing the all the steps suggested above. Please use a testing “normal” account and login using the Guest mode Browse Chrome as a guest to ensure that it’s not a cache issue. If you still can’t see the data, please open the Network tab (F12 → Network) and the Console in the DevTools (F12) and then click on update to view the data. If you see any error logs in the console or in the Network tab please take a screenshot and share here.


Dear AL-Gassim Sharaf Addin,
thanks again for your reply. I did all the steps and also ran the analytics tables as shown in your screenshot. This was not helping. To login in guest mode was also not helping. I am now checking Console and Network fields, There are now error logs as far as I can see. I might need to contact our implementer to have a look at our system as a next step. Thanks so much for all your efforts.

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Thank you! Feel free to share the Network errors (request, response), and the Catalina.out log (without sensitive/authentication info).