Data not showing in tables in play server after running analytics

Hi community family,

I noticed some months ago that I could no longer enter data and update the tables after running analytics. Have the analytics been blocked in the demo server? I found it really useful to help devs and testes in order to reproduce the steps of an specific bug.

I tried to change the cached relative period but with no effect, when i’m entering data and running analytics I cannot see it in the tables.

Am I the only one having this problem? perhaps I’m missing a step.




Hi @barreda,

You should be able to run analytics on the play servers. It is quite a resource intensive job so shouldn’t be done over and over, but you should be able to run it and have data display.

Which server did you try running analytics on?

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Hi @Karoline, thanks for your answer. I understand and I try to limit it as much as I can. I just tried to enter data in today’s 2.33.2 version and after running analytics data is not showing up.


I even tried to remove the cache strategy to None in the analytics settings but with no success.

For instance, we have this specific jira issue DHIS2-5990 Luciano’s comment related to values displayed and we just wanted to prove that the bug is reproducible in the play version.

Thanks again for your time,