Data is repeated in error in pivot tables

Build revision: e590bdc

The analytics table is repeating aggregate data for reporting periods where data does not actually exist.
In my example depicted below, data DOES exist for the first reporting period in the table. There is no data for any other period but the pivot table repeats the data from the previous period.

  • I have confirmed there is no data in the datavalues table other than for the first reporting period
  • I have Cleared Analytics and re-run Analytics; the problem recurs
  • I queried the analytics_2022 table and there is no repeated data there (i.e., only real data which exists in the first reporting period is stored in the analytics table)
  • This doesn’t happen only with pivot tables; graphs are displaying repeated data as well (see second image) – data should only display for first bar (in blue)

There is no further patch for 2.38. I’m not sure if this is resolved in 2.39.



Thank you for the details! Please use the Data Administration app → Maintenance → Clear Application Cache, and Reload apps. After that, please check using the browser’s Guest mode. When in Guest mode, before clicking on Update to view the chart or pivot table, open the Network tab (F12 → Network) and then view the pivot table. Does it show any errors? If yes could you get more info from these errors (the errors from console are helpful).

Additionally, are there any errors in the Catalina.out log?

Most importantly, if you are able to reproduce this on any of the instances please share the steps to reproduce.

Thank you!