Data is not showing in Pivit tables and Data visiualizer app

We are trying to view data through pivit tabes and Data visualizer app of DHIS-2 but data is not showing.

I have checked data in data entry, data is their but not showing in pivit tabes and Data visualizer.

I have also reboot Server.

I am superuser so I don’t have any access issue. Can you please help

Hi @jaz,

Can you please make sure that your analytics tables are running propperly? 1.40. Generating resource and analytics tables

It is fixed by running “Analytics tables” in the “Data Administration” App. Now my query is that am I need to run it every time because we didn’t do this in previous version of DHIS-2 which is 2.30 and now we are using 2.34.

Your analytics system may be failing and quitting due to some error.Some error like RTO or connection time out if its on network. Please check the Catalina.out file.I had the same issue automatic analysis run clear the SQL views and doesn’t recreate it, this might be something need to work on 2.34