Data interchange between two Tracker programs

We have 2 tracker programs setup. When a specific element value is updated in one program’s tracked entity - we want to update an ‘attribute’ of another tracker entity. Is it possible in DHIS2 or we have to do a custom app?

Let me give an example - say in the ART tracker, if one entity’s viral load is above a certain threshhold, we want to update another program where we have only the ‘critical’ entities listed.

@austin @Gassim @debora anyone to answer the above question?

@Mahmud this is an interesting use-case! - I believe it will require a custom integration outside of DHIS2 core but @Markus @bobj @morten @chathura should be able to answer in more detail

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Tracker questions are diverse so we’ve created several tracker groups to answer the different kind of questions. I think this could be a question for the @tracker-products group.