Data inconsistency between Data Entry and Pivot Table

Hi Devs,
We are having an issue of data inconsistency between the Data Entry page and the Pivot Table. We observed that what is on the Pivot is blotted. For example, 20 was entered on the Data Entry Data Set, but you find 90 on the Pivot table. I have dropped/cleared the analytics table then generated a new one but yet the values are still blotted on the Pivot Table. Please any help on this will be well appreciated. My DHIS 2 Instance is 2.33.6. I anticipate your feedback. Thanks.

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Have you tried clearing your browser cache and also re-opening the table using incognito mode in your browser?

Thanks for the quick response. Yes I have cleared the browser cache and also used incognito mode but the error still persist.

Please show us the data element configuration. Also, how are your periods configured? What period are you reporting for?

@Edward_Robinson thanks for the response, kindly find the data element configuration. The periods are configured monthly from the data set which the screenshot is also shared below. We are reporting for last quarter. However, the error is showing on the month of November 2020. Thanks.

Hi do you have any test server? If not share on private one credencial with me.