Data Import Wizard - Data Import Failing - Program not specified in payload

Hi - I am attempting to import Tracked Entity Instances and Events from a Excel spreadsheet. I looked and decided to make use of the Data Import Wizard developed by HISP. I have setup the file done some data mappings etc - but keep getting the error on the import:
{“httpStatus”:“Conflict”,“httpStatusCode”:409,“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“Either Program or Tracked entity type should be specified”}
Looking at the payload output - the TrackedEntity Type is included - but im not seeing the Program ID mapped anywhere in the output. I have tried to add the TrackedEntityType to the file - along with the Program ID and Stage ID - but with no luck.

Does anyone have a successful template excel file they have used for these mappings?

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Hi @matthew_deas

Welcome to the community, and thank you for sharing about the challenge you are facing. Please do post back if there are any updates.

The Data Import Wizard app is developed by HISP Uganda (@sekiskylink please have a look if you can assist here too, thanks!)

@matthew_deas what version of dhis2 are you using? It’s important to know the version number of the dhis2 instance as well as the app. Please provide more details. Additionally, you might find this discussion post helpful if you are using one of the later versions: Import Data Wizard for DHIS2 v2.38 - #3 by sekiskylink

Also, it’s possible to import tracker data using the DHIS2 Import/Export app: Import/Export - DHIS2 Documentation Please see if this application suits your needs. Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback - I have had no further updates on this - having to shift to a manual xml import. I have managed to get the Entity creation working by just pushing through on the import - however the events are not firing through so have had to work to import those via xml. Running DHIS2 v

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Hi @matthew_deas
Thank you for sharing your concern.

Please have a look at the screenshot here;

Please be sure to have an enrolment date, event date specified (incident date as well, where applicable).

Specify organisation unit id or organisation unit name depending on what you would like to use to map the data.

Then have columns with the different tracked entity attributes and data elements of interest.

Hope this information is helpful to support with this.

@carapai can also provide further information regarding this.

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