Data Exchange Tutorial/Example

Is there any tutorial or example on how to implement Data Exchange or use this app? I’ve looked at docs and youtube videos they just talk what it can do but never talk how to configure it.

Would be glad to see any examples on how to implement and use Data Exchange app

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Hi @Daler. I’m afraid that we (UiO) do not currently have much general guidance for how to use the Data Exchange service. We are working on building a UI for configuring exchanges and hope to improve the documentation in tandem with that work, but it will be a couple of months before we release that.

If there’s anything specific you are wondering about, let us know.

Perhaps other community members (outside of UiO) might also have tips they can share.

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Hi @Daler!
I will be happy to provide you with some examples of the Data Exchange use cases.

This will also be helpful for me as I will learn your use case better.


Yury Rogachev