Data entry forms not loading after upgrade to 2.34

Hi everyone,
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We recently updated our DHIS instance from 2.33.3 to 2.34 and now, when you click to select an org unit, the Org Unit field of Data Entry forms do not populate and hence, the entire DE form does not load.

Also, previously entered Tracker records cannot be opened up to view.

I have attached:
i) catalina logs (An attempt to load DE forms was made at 16:17hrs)
catalina_log.doc (105.6 KB)
ii) server.xml and context.xml (I noticed errors when Tomcat starts since moving from Apache 7 to 8.5.5)
context.xml.doc (7.6 KB) server.xml.doc (7.6 KB)

Our config is
Tomcat 8.5.5
JRE 1.8.0_201
Server installed using DHIS2 tools
Postgresql 10.6
Ubuntu 16.04

Kindly help

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Dear @stebu
I think we also need to report this on JIRA.

Good morning. Please, can anyone help us out with this issue?
Thank you

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