Data entry forms not loading after upgrade to 2.34

Hi everyone,
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We recently updated our DHIS instance from 2.33.3 to 2.34 and now, when you click to select an org unit, the Org Unit field of Data Entry forms do not populate and hence, the entire DE form does not load.

Also, previously entered Tracker records cannot be opened up to view.

I have attached:
i) catalina logs (An attempt to load DE forms was made at 16:17hrs)
catalina_log.doc (105.6 KB)
ii) server.xml and context.xml (I noticed errors when Tomcat starts since moving from Apache 7 to 8.5.5)
context.xml.doc (7.6 KB) server.xml.doc (7.6 KB)

Our config is
Tomcat 8.5.5
JRE 1.8.0_201
Server installed using DHIS2 tools
Postgresql 10.6
Ubuntu 16.04

Kindly help

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Dear @stebu
I think we also need to report this on JIRA.

Good morning. Please, can anyone help us out with this issue?
Thank you

@dhis2-platform @dhis2-backend

@ifeanyiokoye did you ever resolve this issue? Am experiencing the same after upgrading from version 2.33.7 to 2.40.1. Looking for assistance.

Hi @dmaritim

Why not upgrade to the latest stable version 40.2.0 instead of 40.1.0?

Please did you try the Beta Data Entry app as well? Did you try to run Maintenance (Update organization unit paths, Clear application cache, and Reload apps) in the Data Administration app? After performing these changes, please try to use the Guest mode in your browser ( Browse Chrome as a guest - Computer - Google Chrome Help)?

It’s not clear what the issue is, have you checked that the OUs are properly assigned? Could you take a screenshot how these forms appear? We might also need the Catalina.out log (without sensitive/authentication info)…

Thank you!

Here is the screenshot. I have queries the database we have the data. Let me test the other methods you proposed.

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Hello Daniel. From your screenshot, I am not sure we are dealing with the same issue here. In our issue, you would not see the data entry forms to select from. Yours appears to be loading the list.

Also, do you have both custom and section forms? Check your custom forms to be sure they are properly configured and that something did not go awry during the upgrade. Like @Gassim said, also check the datasets are assigned to the right org units.

You would also need to provide a bit more detail.

I hope this helps.

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@Gassim and @ifeanyiokoye I have run into problem relating to the attributionOptionCombo. The system being upgraded has two defaults. I think this is because older versions of DHIS2 were setting unique defaults attributionOptionCombo per instance.
@Gassim can someone set default attributionOptionCombo to be used in such a case? I have all data under one of the defaults the one used by the latest versions, but in this case the old default was adopted by the upgraded system.