Data entry error: no data element selected

Kindly assist to troubleshoot this error.

My i load the data entry app (aggregate), i select the organisation unit, dataset, and period, the data entry form does not load and gives the error “No data element selected.”

The tomcat console doesn’t show any errors when loading the Data Entry tool.

The only error i noticed was in the console for jquery calendar plugin which i do not believe is related to the data element issues. See attached pictures.

Hi @BMugwe

What version of dhis2 is your instance?

Would it be possible to replicate the issue in any of the, if yes, pleases share the steps to reproduce.

For now I recommend you test using Guest mode in your browser ( Browse Chrome as a guest - Computer - Google Chrome Help) and before guest mode, run the maintenance in the Data Administration app.


Hello Mugwe
The “No data element selected.” is not an error. When you open a dataset and select a data element, name of the data element will appear in this area (in the top right in place of “No data element selected.”).
I think the issue is with your data set configuration which might be with sharing setting, no data element added and others.
Share few pics from your dataset configuration main page and sharing setting to understand the issue.
Good luck

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Hello, i was able to solve this, i had used the dhis2 feature to change the custom date format to dd-mm-yyyy, this is what was causing the jquery calendar plugin to crash.