Data Entry (Beta) - Data Input Periods


Just created a simple daily data set, with a data input period (just today).

Inside Data Entry (beta) if you select any period except today, the webapp doesn’t inform you that the period is not opened for the data set, so you don’t know what really happens if you input data.

Instead with the usual Data Entry application you receive correctly the below message:


It would be also nice to receive this message with the Data Entry (Beta) app, so the user is not confused with the behavior.

Thanks a lot.

I can confirm that this is not a cache browser issue. Im using firefox in this case.


Hello @kfeina ,
Did you use Expiry days and Data input periods in Data set Configuration?


I didn’t use Expiry Days , only Data Input periods.


@kfeina I reproduce the same situation on DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone
So I noticed that Data Entry (Beta) App, when entering data for an indefinite period within Data Input Periods, the web app doesn’t inform us by the message.
But, it only stores data within the specified time period in Data Input Periods.

So i think it needs to fix from developers team.

Best regards,

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Thanks @kfeina and @jamal_aljadan for reporting this.

We are planning on locking the data sets in the scenario you describe in the new data entry app and have an open ticket to do this.

If we lock the data set, you then will not be able to enter data, but instead will get a message informing you that the data set is not accessible:

However, in cases like currently when data entry is not locked, we should make sure that error message is displayed. I’ve opened another ticket for this and we will fix.

We’ll give you an update when this is fixed. Thanks



Thanks a lot. Let me know when there is a fix and I will recheck.


Hi @kfeina: this should be fixed in the most recent version of the data entry app v100.2.2. You can test this on DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone * . Please feel free to update the app in app management and take a look. You should now get an error in the situation you described:

  • Note that there is an update to the backend api which is currently making it difficult to use the data entry app on DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone, so it is recommended that you test on the 2.40dev instance.
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Just rechecked, it works perfectly.

Thanks a lot!

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