Data Elements

Is it possible to apply the same data elements to different Section forms of the same Organisational Unit?

Hi @Nobel

Thanks for your question and your patience! The short answer is No, but it is possible to find a solution if you share more about the use case. I might be able to draw some information based on your question yet it’s better if the use case is shared.

Data Elements can be assigned to as many Data Sets as is desired; however, for each particular data set with a specific place and time there can only be one value for each data element i.e. it can not have more than one values at the same time in one particular data set and since section forms are all part of the same data set this applies as well.

On the other hand, it is possible to use category combinations to be able to have a number of different values for a particular data set in the same OU and the same period… that might be something you want to investigate.

There might be other options with using custom forms and calculated fields; however, in that case an actual assessment is necessary.

I hope this helps! :pray: