Data elements translation

Hello all,
in DHIs
i have set the interface language for one user to Arabic as well as the database language. however the data elements are not being translated to Arabic not even the form so what to do in order to translate data elements and TE attributes into another language besides English ???

Hi @Haliz.t

Please check in the Translations app, are these Data Elements and TEA translated?

Hi @Gassim
I checked there is no translation at all

This means that you will need to use this app to translate the metadata. It’s also possible to translate these metadata objects right after they are created, see screenshot:

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Dear @Gassim
I have tried to translate the TEI attributes through “Translate app” as shown below

However when the user with the Arabic interface and database opens his/her TEI nothing is translated


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Hi @Haliz.t, can you try clearing your DHIS2 cache (with the cache cleaner app), and retrying?
The metadata for programs is cached so that we do not need to re-download it every time, but that can means that when you add a translation, your form will try to use the cached (non-translated) version.

If that does not work, I can also suggest:

  • double checking to confirm that the translations that you have added are for the correct locale (Arabic) and that the user has the database language set to that locale (Arabic)

  • opening DHIS2 in an incognito/private window (this is similar to the suggestion to clearing your cache, and should avoid possible problems that could occur if the cache is having trouble clearing).


@tzemp Hello… thanks for your reply and clarification i have done all what you have mentioned and still it doesn’t work :frowning:


Sorry to hear that! In order to find a solution we need to be able to understand the cause and if we can’t reproduce the issue there is no way to get there. Would you happen to have a test instance that the team could access and test? OR alternatively, are you able to reproduce this issue in any of the instances?

If you can reproduce then please share the steps to reproduce.

Thank you!