Data Elements Not Showing in Event Report

I’ve a program of several data elements in DHIS2 Tracker 2.30 (Will upgrade this week). The problem is that when I do Event report with all data elements except two it runs fine. Once I add one of the two or both of them the report never finishes. Runs for ever.

What can be the problem.

Hi @Kabango_Malewezi,
Is it possible that you changed the value type while some data had been entered at some point?
I am suggesting you recreate these 2 specific data elements and re enter the data, see what happens.
Please share what value type that you have specified for these 2 data elements.

Let us know what worked!


Agree with Emma, Also do you have access to tomcat catalina.log. Most likely you may see a parsing error there

Sorry for taking long.
It is true I changed data type. First it was integer and data was entered then it was changed to Text and data was entered as well. It was fixed through the database.
Thank you!