Data element with Option Set (List) not filter by code


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We have upgraded our instance from to and we noticed that the options set (list) can not filter by code only by name of the option.

The filter by name and code was working perfectly at previous releases, but at it seems disabled note that we faced a problem at release in the option set regarding capital and small letter filtering (We should search exactly similar name to match the option set name) but it solved in except filtering by code feature.

We need filtering by code for example in ICD-10 codes [J00-J99] Diseases of the respiratory system to identify the patient diagnosis…

Please Advise if anyone has a similar case and if there is any workaround to solve it.

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Thank you for your post @ayman.tuffaha! Please where are you using the filter (which APP, which API endpoint…etc)? Could you write steps to reproduce/test on any of the instances?

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Thanks for your action response @Gassim the issue I am experiencing is in the Tracker capture App.

We have ICD-10 codes we defined it as an option set as described below:
screenshot with names and codes as seen.

Let’s say we would like to search or filter by ICD-10 named “Abnormalities of breathing” as displayed in the screenshot below

There is no problem so far, but if we would like to search or filter by the ICD-10 code instead of the name which is R06 for Abnormalities of breathing as indicated at below screenshot it will not retrieve data from the option set although this was working perfectly at previous releases, but it’s not working in the new release numbered 2.39.0

I hope this clarifies my issue.

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Hi @ayman.tuffaha

I think we have a jira on this: DHIS2-10677
Could you confirm this is the same as your issue? Also - feel free to add some information in the jira.



Hi @Caroline,

Thanks for your reply, Yes I confirm this is the same JIRA DHIS2-10677 I have added my comment at the JIRA.

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