Data element show in another language

Dear colleagues,
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i have translated the data elements from English to Arabic, however when the user is assigned with English interface and database still one data element keeps showing in Arabic language. i have tried clear cache and data administration app as well, but the data element keeps showing in arabic as below picture shows

What to do?

Hi kindly remove the Form name on the data elements, so that the system will then use name in the form, and which get translated

dear @antony.sibanda
I removed the form name translation and i removed the form name from the data element , cleared cache and checked but its still there nothing changed

Kindly Go to Maintenance > Data Elements then for each data element that you want translated, remove the Form name. (see attached pic)

Dear @antony.sibanda
I have removed the form name

however the DE still shows in Arabic

I have tried to remove translation as well.

Yet no success :frowning:

What should i do?
Taking into consideration that the other DEs have form name and all are translated but they still show in English not Arabic