Data Element Pagination problems under v2.20 - Bug??


Hope all are well.

Has anyone encountered any pagination problems with the data elements module under v2.20??

I suspect the pagination calculation is not taking into account the different user rights for the elements somehow?? or am I missing something??



I have 233 data elements. 74 are global and are given rights ‘public with login (view)’. the rest are for a local group only (a given country)

If I login as a superuser I can see all 233, in pages of 50, giving 5 pages.

If I login as localadmin with no filter it paginates as 2 pages only (74 elements) I see a mix of the global and local data elements. HOWEVER, as this same user, if I filter the list according to a coding at start of each data element (“GL_” for global / “CO-” for country) I seem to be able to see all the filtered elements.

I have an SQL view which is downloading the elements so I know how many in the system

I also run maintenance and comes back with same number for both users