Data element import

I tried to import data elements from excel file. unfortunately it brings error and i can not find the imported data elements. What is the problem there?

Hi @blen

What version of dhis2 are you using? Please mention the steps taken to import these data elements. What format are you using? Did you try Dry Run first, what are the errors? Please share as much information so that one could understand the issue. Finally, what are the system import settings in the settings app?


I am using dhis2 I reviewed the documentation and I found the only required value to import data element is the name. I inserted name, short name, aggregation , domain type , value type… . I used CSV format . i didn’t try dry run. [
observa.csv (2.5 KB)

here are the system import settings

Thank you for the info!

The CSV columns need correction in terms of skipping the missing info. It needs to follow exactly the same order as webapi_csv_data_elements template.

For instance, the first row in the CSV you shared doesn’t skip properly:
History of Present illness,History of Present illness,NONE,TRACKER,,LONG_TEXT,,,,FALSE,,

In total there should be 13 commas above but there are only eleven, and it should follow the same order of columns mentioned in the template.

Additionally, running dry run is recommended:

It is highly recommend to use the Dry run option to test before importing data; to make sure you keep control over any changes to your Metadata, and to check for problems with out-of-sync data elements or organisation unit names

Please correct the imported file, and then if there are any issues in the dry run report please share.


Hi @Gassim

It is not clear what you told me. Can you give me example please?