Data element csv file import

Hi folks,

My name is Fernando Maposse from Mozambique. Iam new to DHIS2 and I have some problems with data elements. I have imported a csv file of data elements into DHIS2, but the problem is for every data element in dhis 2 I have data element name, UID, short name , for name, value type, aggregate operator, category combination all in the same line. Iam sharing two screenshots below

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Your problem here is that you are importing csv data that’s been encoded with some non-UTF8 codepage (typically one of the extended codepages used by 32-bits software like MS Office or similar).

I’ve reported the same problem occurring when you export DHIS2 meta-data back into Excel via SQL View or similar - those special characters become unknowns - but there’s been no response from the core dev team last I checked.

Try to find a way of ensuring that the csv file is 100% UTF-8 compatible, and see if that works better.

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Thank you,Calle, for your help.