Data Element Creation in v2.23

Hello Devs!

So it looks like we can no longer select a disaggregation type when
creating a "Tracker" data element (was possible in 2.22 last time I
checked) so Awesome!. My concern is the UI doesn't do much to show that
those elements are not needed, they still have the required **s and still
look like the user should be interacting with them (there is a little pop
when they become inter-actable and do have that no symbol). Would it be
better to make them disappear entirely?

Also as a bug, it seems that when you set it back to "Aggregate" it still
locks the entry fields as if it was a "Tracker" element.

Another minor UI issue is tabbing down to ShortName and typing immediately
will always cut off my first letter (you can see this in the example too)

Example Attached.

*Timothy Harding*
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