Data Element Configuration

Greetings team, I would like to know how to go about configuring data elements that have more that 2 disaggreegations but i am only interested in in have a total only for the first 2 categories. I tried to configure a validation rule that says total is equal to the sum of the first 2 categories but it ends up having a sum of all the options in the form.

Multipe disaggregations for a data element can only be managed at dataset using a categoryCombo overide feature available the dataSet configurations.
You will simply need to create a new set of categoryCombo, dont add to the data elements, create another dataset that is going to use this, and right above the place you are add data elements to the dataset, you will see an icon for the categoryCombo overide. This will help you to overide the inherent disaggregation with the new ones

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Dear @Gifted
This is not really the way that category combinations work. The total for the data element is always going to be the sum of all of the category option combinations. In your case, you should use two or more different data elements with different category (combinations).

Its not totally clear what the situation actually is, but if you can include a screenshot we might be able to advise further.


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