Data collection for survey

how could we integrate google form into dhis2 so that anyone can fill the form without login credentials of dhis2 and data collected for survey is done or can be directly fetched to DHIS2 .is there anyway to do such thing in DHIS2…

Hi @Shivaraj_mahato

This is interesting! It might be helpful in many ways as well. Is there a reason why users are not expected to be using login credentials? Maybe sharing the use case could help look for alternative approaches or solutions.

You might be able to use a python script that runs in DHIS2 (every number of minutes/hours/days) to retrieve the info from the google forms (Retrieve forms and responses  |  Google Forms  |  Google for Developers) as JSON and then another python script that will use the stored JSON and use the API to send the data accordingly. Instructions on using the DHIS2 API can be found here: Metadata - DHIS2 Documentation

Hope this helps! :+1:

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we are trying to collect staff data like their personal detail and family & other related data from each individual so there are various departments and we just wanted to create the google form where everyone could fill the form just by clicking on the link and submit it which we could be directly fetched to DHIS2 .It would be easy as well as it would not create any confusion about the login credentials to be shared to each individual…

if we could do this thing then it would be easy to us all as we are familiar with google form and it would make our collection method easy and secured as well

It is possible to invite multiple individuals using their email addresses (in one API request) and then they will be asked to create a username and password. This is probably more secure actually and will require less resources.

Please have a look in the API docs User account invitations - to send out invites for multiple users at the same time.

thanks for yours good guidance sir and hope all this guidance would help me a lot as i am beginner here in this platform

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Sure! I hope that suggestion solves the issue! :slight_smile:

Please feel free to post back to the community if you have more questions, and we’re definitely looking forward to hearing about your innovation including any challenge.

Thank you!