Data Collected! Update on Tracking Breast Cancer Patients in Peru with DHIS2

Title: Data Collected! Update on Tracking Breast Cancer Patients in Peru with DHIS2

Carolyn Bain, Senior Program Officer, Women’s Cancers, PATH, Seattle, WA, USA

In this presentation, I will be sharing the data we have collected from the breast cancer patient tracking DHIS2 implemented in Trujillo, Peru in 2020. We have now been collecting data for 8 months (continuing in June 2021) The presentation describes the steps we took to prepare for DHIS2 (including equipment procurement and internet access), training of users, troubleshooting and the reports of data collected. This system is successfully tracking women and ensuring they receive prompt diagnosis and treatment. The local and regional Ministry of Health cancer coordinators are pleased with out this DHIS2 system is working!

Questions during the session (from the zoom chat):

From Steven Wambua:
Great ppt @carolynbain. Are there any challenges in the implementation of the project in the hospitals. In terms of staff allocations, maintenance of the laptops etc and how did you go about it

From @carolynbain:
Thank you Steven. The implementation has gone fairly well in hospitals, but we only have 3 hospitals included currently. the other are primary level clinics. It really has helped to have one coordinator responsible at each place

From Erin.McCrane:
@carolynbain Carolyn, I saw that the super users were trained on the DHIS2 software that was developed for the project in July 2020 and data collection did not begin until September, but could you speak to when the software began being developed for your needs? In retrospect do you feel enough time was allocated to development and testing?

From @carolynbain:
Hi Erin, that is a good question. I think the time was sufficient. We did have to make a few modifications to fields along the way, but the system has been working well to track the women through breast cancer detection pathway. Erin, the DHIS2 software development began back in April 2020.

From @Quiambao, Arlene:
Great NCD initiative Carolyne. Any specific changes to data sharing/access policy from shift to paper to digital? Is there a plan to move completely to digital, i.e., stopping paper recording system? thanks

From @carolynbain:
Thanks Arlene, important question about paper to digital. The Trujillo cancer coordinators would like it to be completely digital, and stop the paper system, but this would take a while to make the complete shift.

From @Quiambao, Arlene:
@carolynbain Carolyn, about how much is the investment/cost estimate to link up all 3 levels?

Recording of the session can be found here:

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An article on this project is now available on the DHIS2 website: Tracking Breast Cancer Patients in Peru with DHIS2 - DHIS2

Thanks again to @carolynbain and the Peru team for sharing this story with us!