Data caputure org and data output/analysis org be setted diffey and working correctly?

In user manager app, I have setted the usr’s capturing org and analysis and outpur org. but I found the analysis org still user’s capture org.

or can set the user’s owner org is user’s analysis org?

I want add a user to access the capture app (include android capture app), and assign to analysis some area 's data.

can this way work for me ?

In analysis app, the user’s owner org should be setted to analysis org ,not capture org will better.

or, the user org , user capture org, user analysis/output org should be defined differently and selected/ viewed seperatly.

Hi @linxd. If I understand correctly you want a user to be able to enter data in Org Unit A and analyse data in Org Unit B. Is that correct? This should be possible as long as the permissions are properly set.

However, I am not sure if makes sense to have Org Unit A out of the scope of Org Unit B. In fact, in order to be able to enter data you also need to be able to read and therefore the usual approach is having Org Unit A as a subset of Org Unit B.

Regarding Android (as this is the part I can advise better) please note that the App doesn’t allow analysis on the server side but on the phone. This means that the analytics (tables, charts, etc) will not be displaying the whole Org Unit B but only the data available on the phone. However, if your analysis is not about analytics but more about finding/viewing a specific TEI/Dataset, this is perfectly fine and possible.


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Am finding it difficult to create

What do you mean, @etembo?

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In there:

user org, I would like be set to analysis org.

Hi @linxd . Which version are you using?

For example, in the last version 2.38 I see this:

And this is 2.36:

Thanks. but I want the capture org and the analysis org is differ, ant when do analysis in visual or provit table , I hope the user org is accessing analysis org, not capture org.
because there is a user have task to do capturing on a small org, and can do analysis on a different
large parent org .

Hi @linxd . This is exactly what the Data Output / analytics is for. You can define any different, sorry if the pictures are not clear as I took them by default. But you could perfectly change and have a user accessing an Org Unit (and its possible children) for Data Capture (this is with the rights to write) and another Org Unit (and its possible Children) for Data Analysis (this means with the rights to read data but not write).


So in 2.38.0 if I select a specific region for Capture and select Sierra Leone for Analysis, save, and then return, Sierra Leone will not be available for analysis and only that specific region which we have capture authority for. – see screenshot:

I think what @linxd wants is to be able for example to capture only for a specific region and allow analysis for all OUs. :slight_smile:

Hi @Gassim . Thanks but I don’t have the same experience… In play server I am able to select “Bombali” and this selects Sierra Leone (partially), so not sure how you are reaching the screenshot above.


Thanks Jaime! I’m selecting save to see the changes after I select Bombali under Data capture and then Sierra Leone would disappear from the Data output box. Please, are you saving the changes? It only becomes apparent after saving changes.

thanks for all, I want share a visual chart with the “user org” as org dimension para, and other user then can view the analysis chart within its org, if we set the org para to fixed org , the other user may not permited to access the org, so ,I want the user’s analysis org be a referenced para.

Hi @Gassim .

I am not sure I am following, this is what I am doing and I am not experiencing this in the play 2.38 server.

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a visual chart with org dimension be selected to “user organizatio unit”, when the chart is open by another user (b) with diff capturing org and same analysis org will cause the user b displaying chart with its own user (capture) org ,not analysis org.

chart A ( org dimension is selected to user org ( org a)), share with other user b. when user b open the chart, the chart 's org dimension will be selected to user b’s capture org ,not user’s analysis org, but I wish using user a/b 's analysis org, not user a/b 's capture org to refer as user org.

or, in the analysis app, put “user capturing org” ,“user analysis org” respectively.

Hi @linxd,

To answer your question in the screenshot, any analytics/visualization app you use such as the Maps app or Data Visualizer app, the ‘User organisation unit’ option refers tot he user’s analysis org. units.

I have done try, but refer to capturing org

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Hi @linxd,

Thank you! I suspect that this is a bug because as you see in the screenshot above when I use a superuser and chance the superuser’s Organisation Unit settings for capture only, it makes the changes for capture as well as for analytics. (@jaime.bosque please correct me if I’m wrong)

@linxd Would you like to create a Jira bug issue please?