Data Capture "Error"

Good morning Ladies and Gentleman, I hope this your doing well,
we are using dhis2 data capture for capturing Covid19 Data and we facing a problem in sync the data from the Tablets to the Server its keep give error as attached to this request, so we are looking forward for your advises to solve this issue.
best regards

Hi @Waheed1994,

Can you please click “Error details” and copy that message?

cc @jaime.bosque

Hi @Waheed1994. Can you open the “ERROR DETAILS” or the “Open sync log” and see if that provides more information? You can also paste it here for us to check.

Sorry @jaime.bosque and @Karoline I have fixed the issue, its seems like same filed are compulsory and the data clerk did not put any data on it, so when it reach to sync it crash.
thanks for your follow up.