Data attribution options nolonger loading from 2.38.3 upgrade to 2.38.5

I am no longer able to load datasets that have an attribution combo attached to them.When you drop the combos from the dataset , it loads perfectly.I am getting the following exception

Uncaught Unexpected literal at position 2 on jquery calendars

What could be the issue here???

Hi @omunyao

Is it possible that there’s an error in the Catalina.out log that you could share?

If you create an attribute similar to the ones that you created and then assign it to the dataset, do you still get an error? If not then the issue with the previously created attribute combinations is related to corruption in the database itself. I’d recommend with trying to recreate with new metadata and see if the error persists, checking if the error appears in both the legacy Data Entry app and the Data Entry (beta) app? Additionally, checking the Catalina.out log would be helpful.

Thank you!