Data are not shown in pivot table

Hello everyone. I am trying to show data using the pivot table section.
I’ve created a new Program/Tracker form with a single data element having the following settings:

Domain Type: tracker
Value Type: Number
Aggregation Type: Sum
And set aggregation level to all available organization units.

I’ve added few data in it, with the date as today.

I’ve cleaned the cache, and went to the pivot table section to generate a table with data about this element.

  1. From event data I chosed my program;

  2. Chose the data element

  3. Then period as today

  4. Organization level: all

And the generated table was empty:


Hi @im_officer_leb,

Have you run the Analytics tables in the Data Administration App? it might be the reason why data isn’t showing.


I did it now, and cleared the cache but still not showing.

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