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Hi All,

I have set up data approval in dhis2 (version 2.37.9-SNAPSHOT), but the period tab is inactive. Please see the screenshot below.

@Gassim I have created a new topic. Any idea why the period tab is inactive?


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Hi @calagi,

I have looked into this and so far I can’t explain why you are seeing this.

How it should work is that once you select a data set, then in the top dropdown under “Report period” it should show the period type of the workflow selected for the data set (greyed out because you cannot change it). For example, go to in the Data Approval Classic app and select the data set Mortality < 5 years. Under Period you see Monthly greyed out, and below that you can select a monthly period.

Can you reproduce this problem by creating a new data set on Otherwise I’m not sure why the period types and periods are not showing on your system.

Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas?

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Please revert back to 2.37.8 as SNAPSHOT is not a stable release.


@Jim_Grace ,

I can’t find the classic app only the latest Data Approval app, any reason why? update: wasn’t searching for the app properly :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, the demo instance does not allow a user to set up an approval workflow, so I cannot recreate the process.

@Gassim Thanks I will try 2.37.8

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@calagi You are right that on recent versions of the demo, the admin user can’t manage data approval workflows or levels. This includes (currently redirects to 2.38.2), (currently redirects to 2.39.0), and

I’m seeing if I can change these back, but meanwhile you can use (currently redirects to 2.37.8) where the admin user can manage approval workflows and levels.


Hi @Gassim,

I tried the 2.37.8, but the data approval app is not working properly. The period is inactive on the classic app, while the new approval app is not rendering properly. Please see screenshot below;

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Hi @Gassim @Jim_Grace

I hope you are doing well. Kindly help out this issue


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Thanks! Is there a way to get the steps to reproduce the screenshot above in 2.37.9

Thanks for reaching out. Apologies I have been offline. I will reproduce it an send you a message

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