Data approval

Hi all,

I am having some hassles setting up data approval on our South African instances and due to the limited setup of data approval on SL Demo cannot really test properly if this is a generic problem or datafile related so decided to describe the issue we have here first before logging a bug report.

We have datasets for E.g PHC with common data elements in other datasets - this dataset for PHC is allocated to E.g clinics, Chc and mobiles. Other datasets with common elements are allocated to Hosp and yet other datasets with no common elements with PHC dataset is allocated to EMS, EHS orgunits.

I set up dataset for PHC and set approval to OU 1,2,3,4 and 5. If I set up user for each level and approve data for all orgunits allocated to PHC dataset at OU5, I am unable to approve this dataset at OU4 - getting message that all orgunits have not approved data. Nett result is that I must approve this PHC dataset for ALL orgunits in the hierarchy below OU4 before I am able to approve at OU4. Surely if an orgunit is not allocated to a dataset the approval should not require that dataset to be approved when said dataset has nothing to do with them? I initially thought that it is the common elements which is causing an issue but even after approving orgunits with common elements E.g hosp I still had to go and approve orgunits with no relation to data elements in the PHC dataset E.g EMS, EHS.

Can anyone tell me if this is a common problem or a bug? The current version in use is 2.20.16793 SA branch.

Elmarie Claasen


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