Data Approval Issues in version 2.28

(James Alaaga) #1

Hi all,

Am new to dhis2 customization, trying to set up an instance with the following issues. I created data set and enteered data. I tried to approve the data but can’t select the period. see screeshot below:

(Calle Hedberg) #2


Did you capture data for 2018? if yes, did you select “Prev Year” before selecting the Report Period drop-down?


(James Alaaga) #3


I captured data for Jan 2019 only. wanted to test the approval function and couldn’t select ‘Report Period’ drop-down as It is inactive. Are you suggesting I enter data for 2018? Could that be the problem?

(James Alaaga) #4

Still have not gotten help on this.

(James Omutsani) #5

Hi James,

Sorry for the delayed response to this; Have you checked on your Data Set that the field Open future periods for Data Entry is well set (Is it monthly or Yearly set on your dataset??)

You can also try clearing your DHIS2 Cache Using the Browser ache Cleaner App and also your browser’s.

Let us know how it goes


(James Alaaga) #6

Dear James,

My dataset is monthly, and the ‘open future periods for data entry’ is set at ‘0’. Is that the correct setting?

(James Omutsani) #7

That should show you data for Jan and Feb; Did you setup your Data Approval Workflow?

(James Alaaga) #8

I will reconfigure the entire system with fresh approval workflow and see what happens and revert here. Thanks

(James Omutsani) #9

I will await your feedback James.


(James Alaaga) #10

I have redone it all over again:
Organizational unit with four levels
I setup approval at level 4,3,2
I created approval workflow and added all the approval levels
I created a dataset, entered data, but can’t still ‘get’ data from data approval in ‘reports’ app. The ‘report period’ still not active. However, the ‘report period’ is active under dataset report.
You may want to look at the portal?


(James Omutsani) #11

Hi James,

Kindly share screen shots of approval level, approval workflow, the part of the dataset that has the work flow information and period type for us to have a look at it better.

Question: Are the approval levels having the same period as on the data set?