Data Approval: Dataset with CategoryCombo (Attributes) keep saying "Approval status: Nothing to do"

By attaching a Dataset that linked with “data approval workflow” that includes “CategoryCombo (Attributes)”, Users at respective levels can’t approve the Data. The approval status reads “Nothing to do”. However, this is not the case when I detach the “CategoryCombo (Attributes)” from the Dataset. It works fine.

Notably: The data Approval level is linked with Categoryoption groupset

What, am I missing in terms of configuration for the Dataset that include “CategoryCombo (Attributes)”?

Thank you for sharing this! Is this something that you could reproduce in, would you please share the Network tab log (F12 → Network tab) right after you get the “nothing to do” message. Thank you!

Hi @Gassim, thanks again

  1. Unfortunately, there is no error registered at Network or Console. So, there is no clue out there

  2. Speaking about “reproduce in”. I tried before writing the message. The only form subjected for Data approval is “Mortality Under 5”.
    a) link with “Attribute Category Combo” known as “Implementing Partner”, Data Approval Workflow should remain the same.
    b) Run Data Administration / Resource table
    c) Open Data approval, follow the procedures for approval
    d) System show a similar message “Approval status: Nothing to do”

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Hi @sele,

I apologize for our delay in getting back to you.

As you may know, use of data approval levels with category combos should be for data sets with a (non-default) category combination. These refer to “Attribute Categories”, not “Disaggregation Categories”, as described here in the user manual.

I was unable to get the message “Nothing to do” by following your directions. (I wasn’t sure how to do what you said in step a.) But I did get the message by doing the following:

a) In the Maintenance app, create a Data approval level “Chiefdom (Funding Agency)” with Organisation unit level “Chiefdom” and Category option group set “Funding Agency”.
b) In the Maintenance app, create a Data approval workflow “ART Monthly Summary” with Data approval levels “Chiefdom (Funding Agency)” and “District”.
c) In the Maintenance app, edit data set “ART Monthly Summary” and assign it to Data approval workflow “ART Monthly Summary”. (The data set “ART Monthly Summary” has a non-default category combination.)
d) Open Data approval app, select Data set: “ART Monthly Summary”, period December 2022, Organisation Unit: Ngelehun CHC. Under “Implementing Partner and Projects”, click on “Select items”, “Select all”, and “Done”. Then click “Get data”. I get “Approval status: Nothing to do”. This is not the most useful error message, but I believe that I am getting it because I cannot approve data at the facility level. (The lowest approval level is higher at “Chiefdom (Funding Agency)”.
e) Same as above in the Data approval app, but select the the organisation unit “Badjia”, click on “Select items”, “Select all”, and “Done”. Then click “Get data”. I get “Approval status: Approve: 48 items”.
f) Same as above, but don’t select any items. I get “Approval status: Nothing to do”. Again, this is not the most helpful error message, but I believe I am getting it because I did not select any Attribute option combinations (combinations of Partner and Projects).

If I approve all the attribute option combos, then select all the items again, I get “Approval status: Unapprove: 48 items, Accept: 48 items”, with both the “Unapprove” and “Accept” buttons active.

What I think I’m seeing is that approvals with category combos are working, but you have to select items each time. I think the error messages in the Data approvals app are not as helpful as they can be.

I also found to my surprise that when running any DHIS2 version after 2.34 in, the Maintenance app is missing the Data approval level and Data approval workflow sections. I have made a Jira ticket for this at DHIS2-12283. – Update: this was just a configuration issue for the admin user in the Sierra Leone demo database. I have fixed this for

Please reply if you have further questions, or if I have not answered well enough the question you had. Again, I apologize for the delay in responding.


Hello @Jim_Grace thanks for this useful info.
I have a similar issue with the new version of Approval App. There is no possibility to select the attributes and you can’t even approve a dataset that have an categoryCombo.


@diallotafsir52 please did you try to update the user permissions as suggested by @Gintare in the comments of this Jira issue

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Hello @diallotafsir52

Yes, unfortunately the new data approval app does not yet support attribute options and therefore does not support data sets with a categoryCombo.

I see you have commented in Jira ticket DHIS2-11518 that you need this feature. Thank you for that. As you can see from the comments in the ticket, we developers don’t always know if/where certain features are used in the field. Your comment is helpful, thanks. I’m not the one who can answer about schedule, but hopefully someone else will.


Hello @Jim_Grace thanks for your response.

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