Data Approval App (No Data Available)

I have entered data on Data entry app and marked complete, but it’s not showing in Data Approval to approve? I have created a data approval workflow and added it to the dataset. I have used Category combination for the data set, will that it affects the approval process?

Please advise

Hi @bekalu

If you have followed the documentation (Data Approval - DHIS2 Documentation) then maybe you only need to run the tables analytics export from the Data Administration app. Then please use the browser’s Guest mode (Browse Chrome as a guest - Computer - Google Chrome Help) to check that it’s not a cache issue.

If configured correctly, what the category combination does is that it adds additional dimensions other than the OU, so it will work but you’d have to have access rights and you’d have to select these dimensions before the data appears. Please read more here about Approving by category option group set

If none of the above helps, would you please share a step by step instruction to reproduce the issue on any of the instances?

Thank you!