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Good day!

I’m having trouble with data I entered via the Tracker Capture and Data Entry apps. I don’t see the data I entered reflected on any report that I try to run e.g. Pivot Tables and Charts.

Hoping someone can share their experience with this issue. Thank you.

Hi rhealopez,

The analytics tables need some time to be generated for data to appear in the charts, I think the default time is 24 hours for the data to be generated.
You can manually generate the analytics tables by going to the Data Administration app and running the Analytics Tables update.

Hope that helps


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I can generate reports from the data now.

Thanks very much. This a big help indeed.



We are working on the same instance and this solutions works for my colleague Rhea several times. However, it has never worked for me.

We are Using DHIS2 2.34.1 hosted on AWS.
We entered data > 24 hours ago, our dashboards did not refresh their data so I updated the analytics table as suggested here and created a new event report. Neither the existing event report nor the new one was updated. The analytics table has been updated multiple times.

Is there anything else we can do through the GUI? If none, what should we be doing?

Hi Juan,

You can also try using the “Browser Cache Cleaner” app in the web application.
Run that, then run the “Analytics update” and see if that will help show the data.


Hi Peter,
I tried that too. After doing so, in addition to not getting the updated data in the dashboard, I also experience the problem that the event report app does not load right away, if at all (despite refreshing). So, I log out and log back in again to access the EVent report app. Sometimes refreshing the tab works.

The data though still remains incomplete.

Have you tried a different browser to check if it works in something different?

Not too sure what else to check.

Thansk Peter. I will do that today. A colleague of mine also suggested accessing while incognito in Safari.

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