Dashbooard Filter By Org Unit

Hi Community!
I want a user to filter by org unit specifically for them for an example in the attached photo the use shouls only filter by Ekukhanyeni, Lugongolweni and Mafutseni org units. However, these org units are in level 3 under Eswatini org unit. In my user settings I set the 3 for the user to be able search and I set these 3 and Eswatini org unit for the Data output and analysis because the user should able to see national data(Eswatini) but the user should not be able to filter by other org units that are in level 3 except Ekukhanyeni, Lugongolweni and Mafutseni org units. The change I’m facing is if I dont check Eswatini for “Data output and analysis” in the user setting data doesn’t show in my chart and if I check Eswatini for “Data output and analysis” it appears in the org unit filter dimension and can be expanded to filter with the other org units in level 3 that the user shouldn’t filter by.

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Regarding your question, in all the latest versions of dhis2, in the user profile, there is an option to select the “Maximum organisation unit level for data output” so even though the OUs might be visible, if you select National then only data at the National level will be viewable by that user across all analytics.

I hope this helps…