DASHBOARD_WIDGET app not showed up on Dashboard

Hi dev team,

I’m having an issue on Dashboard app. I created an DHIS2 App which will act as a dashboard widget ( “appType”: “DASHBOARD_WIDGET”), I added this to dashboard but it was not showed up. See screenshot:

Version: 2.29 (build date: 2018-09-19)

It’s still working on 2.29 old build (Aug 2018) but not in latest build.




Nguyen Anh Dung - HISP Vietnam
Phone: (+084) 090 8686 274


Hi Nguyen,

I encountered the same issue recently. You may need to add the user role for viewing the widget, and then clear cache. If that doesnt work, try clicking the expand button to the right of “+Add” to see the app in a new window, and entering developer tools to debug the app.