Dashboard not showing Visualization content

I created a visualization using the IDS metadata package. After loading the dashboard, I got the image below with empty chart and pivot table.

When I open each visualization tool in the Visualizer app, the content is showing


Why is the visualization content not showing in the dashboard? I am using version.

@jetisco4u I believe that you tried the Empty Cache and Hard Reload (CTRL+SHIFT+R?)

Please try to run analytics tables export, and clear the application cache, and reload app using the Data Administration app. After that please check again using your browser’s Guest mode to ensure it’s not a cache issue. But if it’s still not working, please open the Network tab (F12) and refresh the dashboard, if there are any issues with the network requests please share a screenshot.

Thank you!


I just try again and see that it is now showing. All I know is that I cleared cache, hot reload the app.

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Good to know! Thanks! :+1: