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Interactive dashboard 2.0: Multi-task between table, charts and maps in the newest most advanced, interactive dashboard in dhis2 community.


It’s finally here,

The first dashboard to beat interactive dashboard 1.0,

It supports multi-tasking between charts, tables and maps, offers advanced analytics at full screen and lets you visualize data twice as fast, at half your data bundle.

Introducing, the new Interactive dashboard, 2.0!

We’ve taken what was already an amazing dashboard and made it even better.

We focused on features that really mattered to dashboard users, and made huge leaps! Leaps in interaction design, performance, functionality, efficiency and more.

Here’s a short-listed set of awesome features that ships with the newest, most advanced interactive dashboard in the world.

  • Multi-tasking, do more with less, switch instantly between table, charts and maps visualizations without loosing context of your data.
  • Navigate through space and time, drill in your data across organization units and periods, with fullest extent of selections possible with filters.
  • Amazing data dictionary, caption data under visualization, with insights to data definitions, sources, reporting frequencies and more. Put a verbal meaning to your charts, maps and table.
  • Go off-line with download capabilities, download your complete maps for off-line use with QGIS, pivot table for use with excel, and charts for your presentations and do more off-line.
  • Social experience with interpretation, jump start conversation right beside your map, chart and table and provoke action through establishing context.
  • Bookmark your most visited dashboard, diving into your prioritized dashboard just got a whole more interesting with bookmarking your most precious dashboard.
    The new interactive dashboard would seem to be a complete contradiction, it’s built for extreme levels of performance, at the same time, it’s remarkably simple.

Take it for a spin now,

Download from appstore and install it now! See how to install here
Interactive dashboard for iOS & Android

If you thought a really powerful, interactive dashboard, was way out of your reach! We got news for you!

Introducing interactive dashboard for iOS and Android. Get your latest copy from Google Play and Apple Appstore

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The most advanced interactive dashboard for iOS and Android.

More awesomeness coming! Stay tuned.

Leave us your feedback at: info@hisptanzania.org

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