Dashboard - item type not supported - issue

Hi ,
I am getting below error when i try to edit an existing dashboard.

Can you please help.


What version of dhis2 are you using? Would you please check the errors in the Network tab and if there are any errors please click and take a screenshot?

And to make sure it’s not a cache issue if you try a different browser/profile which you have not accessed this site before, do you still see the error?

If it’s possible for you to reproduce this on play.dhis2.org then it’d be great, please share the steps to reproduce.

Thank you!


One possible reason could be you just had edit access to the dashboard but didn’t have access to viz items/charts of the dashboard. Once you edited the dashboard and saved, all viz items/charts you didn’t have access to are removed from the dashboard. If this is the reason, you will be able to see only the newly added data viz items/charts & data viz items/charts owned/shared with you.



Another possible cause of this is of having duplicate Favourites i.e. more than one with the same name that are in the Dashboard - this has been an issue here & is fixed when the name is unique


Thank you so much